Carpet cleaners are of wide varieties from different companies, different prices with different features and modes of usage. For a first timer who needs to purchase a carpet cleaning machine for the first time, it can be a bit confusing and stressful to make a decision on the type of cleaner to consider.

Below are some of the features of carpet cleaners you need to consider looking out for when choosing a carpet cleaner, whose proper positioning, presence or addition will make the carpet cleaning process an easier one.

  1. Height and weight of the carpet cleaner
  2. Quality brushes
  3. Height and weight of the carpet cleaner
  4. Sufficient and durable water tanks
  5. A long enough hose to reach farwhile cleaning
  6. Attachments/upholstery tools to easily access hard to reach areas
  7. Indicator lights to show when the tanks should be emptied or filled


  • Do not wear shoes in the house. If you have to, have specific shoes to be used only in the house and not to step outside. In case of visitors, request your visitors to leave their shoes at the door and offer them the indoors shoes or let them stay without shoes if they’re comfortable
  • Clean spots and spills immediately. This will reduce the rate of absorption by the carpet and avoid extremely harsh and stubborn stains that were not worked on in the future. It also avoids germ build up.
  • Vacuum the carpets occasionally, not less that four times in one week and if possible, do it daily. Daily vacuuming helps pick up loose dirt and debris before it sinks deep into the carpet.
  • Make use of doormats at every door where people dust off their feet before stepping on the carpets. This ensures that loose dirt on people’s feet or shoes is left on the doormat to avoid dirtying the carpets. Every doormat works wonders in ensuring that the life of your carpet is expanded
  • Ensure you deep clean your carpets using carpet cleaners on once in a while, like 3 times in a year or more if need be. Vacuuming does not get rid of all dirt but only loose recent dirt. Deep cleaning your carpet will ensure that old stains and sticky dirt is eliminated. By deep cleaning, invisible dirt and germs that would cause infections are all done away with. Deep cleaning your carpet also increases the length of life of your carpet.
  • Ensure you give your carpet enough time to completely dry after a cleaning process, especially if you use steam cleaning method. Failure to completely drying the carpet exposes the carpet to the risk of easily holding even more dirt, bacteria and germs which would make it even worse.
  • Avoid feeding children and pets right on top of carpets since the process is most likely to be messy, leaving your carpet stained fluids and filled with food residues. If you have to, use a cloth to protect the area before the feeding process begins
  • Never use your hands to pull out a piece of the carpet fiber strand that is improperly sited above the surface in an unequal level with other fibers. It should be trimmed to the level of the other tufts carefully using scissors.
  • Heavy items can result in indentations in your carpet. The use of furniture cups can help to avoid the excessive pressure. You can also shift the position of furniture or the carpet itself occasionally.
  • Keep pet nails trimmed to prevent them from scratching ad damaging the carpets.
  • Avoid by all means spillage or staining of the carpet by products that would cause bleaching of the carpets
  • Avoid exposing your carpets to too much heat to avoid fading of the carpets.
  • Once in a while, take your carpets outside for ventilation.

Beginner’s Step by Step Guide on using a carpet cleaner

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